Corona is Nivaura’s comprehensive onboarding application which has been developed to manage dynamic user orchestration and permissioning. Originally built as a core component of the Aurora platform that manages permissioning and access rights within transactions, Corona can be used on a standalone basis as a white labelled tool implemented to streamline and automate the onboarding process.

By consolidating the client’s internal processes, Corona facilitates the creation of dynamic workflows tailored for different user types. Additionally, utilizing general-purpose legal mark-up language (GLML) enables the generation of any necessary documents which are populated with user data provided during onboarding.

The customizability of the application allows it to operate in numerous ways across multiple industries. For example, it can act as an onboarding interface for new clients, a tool for managing ongoing KYC/AML checks, account opening, or an application for managing employee access rights to multiple internal systems and the permissioning within those.