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Nivaura Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a MiFID and CASS firm, with FCA reference number 773476.

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Nivaura's competitive advantage and cost leadership in the capital markets emerges from an integration of technology and process innovation.

Discover the advantages of our solutions below:


User onboarding + management

Workflow automation from new user registration, document upload, verification (OCR), and user approval/rejection

Versatile and customisable (risk-based approach) for a wide range of securities, jurisdictions, and requirements

Integration with existing systems (eg. CRM)

​​Intuitive and user-friendly onboarding platform


Legal contract structuring + management

(Nivaura legal markup language framework for financial instruments)

Our financial instrument framework for legal contracts relies on Nivaura's Legal Markup Language (LML) to deconstruct, re-assemble, and execute legal contracts:


Nivaura's LML is a simple human readable set of symbols and rules (syntax), that lawyers can use to markup key parameters, paragraphs, and schedules in legal contracts, enabling the effective conversion of legal logic into computational logic using 4 machine-readable layers


LML integrates with Nivaura's platform

for automated legal contract structuring,

issuance workflow generation and

management, and simultaneous price discovery and term coordination

Nivaura's platform enables efficient and automated construction of machine-readable legal contracts for standardised and bespoke deals without the traditional drafting and re-drafting required, and also the programmatic execution of transactions. 


When an issuer using the Nivaura platform wishes to issue a financial instrument such as a bond, the issuance workflow is automatically generated from a base bond document drafted by lawyers and marked-up with LML.

Once the issuer completes the workflow, a new bond document is then automatically constructed using the elements of the database created from automatically analysing the base bond document template. 

LML also enables simultaneous term coordination and price discovery during bookbuilding.


completely automated transaction execution (settlement + registration) using traditional post-trade or blockchain infrastructures


Deal distribution + bookbuilding + signing

Explore the unique features on the Nivaura platform: 

Custody + settlement + registration service

Full FCA CASS permissions

(client money and assets)

Secure cold storage client key custody service

Convergence of legal and beneficial ownership for end investors

Compliant 3rd party reconciliation using blockchain as register

Elimination of redundant parties (registrar, common depository,

central securities depository)

Custody + settlement + registration service


Full FCA CASS permissions

Convergence of legal and beneficial ownership for end investors

Secure client key custody service

Compliant 3rd party reconciliation using blockchain as register


Deployment options