The Future of Financial Transactions: Automation and Structured Data in Legal Practice

24 June 2020

New technology can drive efficiency and help cut costs, but the most valuable opportunity for legal service providers is structured data from automated processes.

Capital Markets in a Post-Covid World

01 June 2020

As businesses have found ways to operate under Covid-19, many are also reconsidering the effectiveness of traditional workflows and practices. 

What the development of electricity networks can teach us about capital markets innovation

11 March 2020

This paper looks to history as a guide for successfully pursuing innovation in complex systems, such as the capital markets.

Automation and Blockchain in Securities Issuances

12 March 2018

Allen & Overy assisted Nivaura with the issue of the world’s first cryptocurrency denominated, blockchain settled bond for Luxdeco.

On Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets and Private Money

06 February 2018

We review the technical, economic and legal aspects underlying cryptocurrencies – the native digital assets that form the basis of an open public blockchain infrastructure.

Digital Assets and the “Sanctity” of the Blockchain Ledger

08 January 2018

The Ethereum blockchain provides the infrastructure for transacting native digital assets but also the ability to create other secondary digital tokens

Economics of Initial Coin Offerings

23 August 2017

Nivaura CEO Dr Avtar Sehra, Allen & Overy partner Phil Smith and Edelman SVP, Phil Gomes, explore the dynamics within the market for initial coin offerings.