Nivaura’s flagship technology suite, Aurora, automates key new issue processes, helping participants do what they have always done, but with greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency.


The Aurora technology suite comprises several modules, allowing clients to select those that are most relevant to their business while aligning with their existing technology.

Aurora Docs

At the heart of Aurora sits the Docs module, a library of machine-readable issuance programmes prepared by prominent capital markets law firms, which can be used to efficiently create legally compliant drawdown documents, such as Final Terms and Global Notes, as well as bond termsheets, swap termsheets and ISDA-compliant swap confirms.

Aurora Users

The Aurora Users module allows multiple permissioned parties to efficiently collaborate, with the ability to negotiate documents, review drafts, make comments, and sign with digital or wet signatures. An activity tracker and in-app or email notifications keeps things moving along.

Aurora Connect

Once trade terms have been agreed, the Aurora Connect module allows documents and structured data to flow seamlessly to internal trade booking or risk systems, and to external infrastructure partners, such as paying agents, CSDs, exchanges and ratings agencies. And with direct connectivity, users can avoid re-typing data, attaching documents and sending emails.

Aurora Data

The Aurora Data module unlocks the value of structured data, allowing firms to analyse and monetize their own proprietary information more effectively, as well as enabling the use of artificial intelligence to drive greater automation of workflows.

The Aurora technology suite can be deployed in a variety of formats:

The first is a proprietary dealer deployment, which is a white-label instance of Aurora deployed on-premises or onto a private cloud. The dealer can offer a proprietary interface to issuers and full integration with a client’s existing systems.

The second is a partner marketplace, where multiple parties can access a marketplace, co-developed with and run by an infrastructure partners, such as the London Stock Exchange, and other global partners. Dealers and issuers have access to a standardized set of services.

The third is direct access to the key modules in Aurora, which is typically reserved for service providers, clients who are using specific modules in other development work and trial projects for dealers.